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Momma Mary’s Camp- we will welcome 50 youngsters ages 4-8 from the streets, and for six days share basic catechesis of the Catholic faith in dynamic and fun ways. We recently had a generous Friar Suppliers make us handmade puppets, so we will act out the different Bible stories and a skit after our Sunday Mass.

Winter Life- this is modeled after the Friar’s Summer Life program, since it is happening in January we are naming it WINTER LIFE! Last year was our first time and  the Sisters did an amazing job. This is for kids 9-14. We welcome 120-orphaned kids off the streets to catechize and also strengthen their faith and love through sports and various activities that include prayer, arts and crafts and small group reflections.

Living Water Teen Retreat- This is a 3 day retreat for Teens ages 15-18. It is our first year doing this program in Haiti for 50 participants. It will consist of talks on the Catholic faith, small groups focusing on their struggles and life in Haiti. There will be daily Adoration, Confessions and Mass. We are blessed to count with a Haitian Priest from the Diocese of Brooklyn, Fr. St Martin, who will be joining us to assist with the confessions and the talks.

House Visits: Friars, Sisters and missionaries team up together with a translator to visit the houses of people in the neighborhood. They bring the Gospel and also food, and prayer. This is a time to remind them Jesus hasn't forgotten about them and Mercy is at the reach of anyone who is willing to hear the Word of God.  During house visits CFR priests have the opportunity to also visit the sick and give them Last Rites, as well as baptism in the extreme cases we encounter during visits. 

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