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These houses we build are modest 10x14 wood houses, they include a door and a couple of windows. This year for the first time we will install rain gutters on the sides of the house and also incorporate a plastic barrel with a spigot, so the house will have running water inside. Mr. Rodney from Aqua Research has donated 50 solar lights with electric outlets for charging electronic devices, so that each house will have light at night. Each house will also come with a FREE water purifier, so the owners can have clean drinking water all the time, this is thanks to the generosity of Mr. Rick and Mrs. Molly Jesse, parents of Sr. Cecilia CFR. These will be the most modern houses we have ever built.

Who gets a house? Each worker who is employed by Friar Suppliers for our missions receives a house and a latrine after 5 years of service. Out of the 50 houses we are building this year, 17 men who work for us will receive a house. The Community of Little Brothers are doing a lottery for twenty houses and the Sisters at the orphanage are doing a lottery for five houses among those who are in desperate need of housing. The remaining eight houses will be given based on the needs of the people we meet during the week. 



The result of lack of sanitation is CHOLERA, which has killed about 9000 people since the earthquake back in 2010. As most people do not own a bathroom, for every house we build there is a latrine installed. Once they are selected to receive a house, they are responsible to dig a hole for the latrine. Some of the holes are 50-60 feet deep, this way they last a while, and we put a concrete slab down on the floor.

Chicken, Eggs & Goat Project

For the past three years, we have been purchasing 500 chickens each year. This is the largest source of income for the Little Brothers. Each year we give them $3000 to buy new chickens. The Brothers have asked if we could donate an incubator as they are having trouble keeping the eggs warm. So counting on your help and St.Joseph’s help this has been ordered and will be shipped before we get there. We will also be buying goats for the workers.

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