Besides supplying for the Friars and Sisters, each January FRIAR SUPPLIERS leads a mission trip to Rivere Friode, Haiti. This trip is focused on creating, building, and improving the living conditions of those in desperate need, as well as bringing hope through our evangelization programs. Each missionary is placed in a team that will definitely match their talents and skills, but also their interests in truly making a difference from ordinary to extraordinary effects. The week is always packed with hard work as we Catholics don't do "community service", we do spiritual and corporal works of Mercy.

WE BREATHE MISSION!  This means that we don't only give, "candy to the kids", but take on intense manual labor, food distributions preparation, and house visits in challenging conditions...all for Christ who awaits in the poor.

It never feels burdensome or overwhelming, as the JOY is always a daily gift Our Lord and our Blessed Mother bring us through the people in Haiti. There is also time for daily Mass, holy hour, fellowship, and joy which makes the hard work worth it. It is a life-changing experience for all of those who answer the call to come on this mission.