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Little Brothers have a small garden area, we have sent down soaker hoses to water the garden and had a well dug in the middle of the garden to connect the hoses, the next step is getting seeds so that the Brothers can start planting. There is also another property that would be great to start a self-sustained farm but it needs to be cleaned up, some trees need to come down, some fences put up, and stumps and bushes need to be removed. We are very blessed this year to have two people coming on our our trip: Roger and Lucy Parent who will be key to get this farm up and running. 


This will be a new program this year! The river that runs through the village is polluted and used as a dumpster, each day for three hours a team will go to the river and work on cleaning it up. We tried this a few years ago, and the response from the villagers was charitable, when villagers saw us cleaning the river they joined the team. One of the challenges is the lack of garbage bags, so we have already sent a barrel with a good number of garbage bags. The local Boy Scout Troop will organize this event, and the mayor of the town committed to have the bags carted away once we are done. 


Friary Electricity.

The electrical system of friary where the Little Brothers live, and the complex where missionaries stay is very unstable. Electricity in Haiti doesn’t run all the time so we have generators to operate our power tools and also the equipment needed for the medical clinic. The fuse boxes used in Haiti are very ancient, so we need to replace some of this a little at a time. Hopefully this year we will be able to replace 2 of the fuse boxes and bring it up to the modern world. We have a master electrician that comes on our trips and spends all day fixing power outages, over the past 2 years we have put a ceiling fan and electric lights in ALL of the bedrooms so now we need proper amperage. Mike, one of our missionaries,  trained a 24-year-old Haitian to work with him. 

His name is Ferdinand and we sent him to Electrical school to learn this trade. The electrical work that needs to get done is more of a necessity as this is the place where missionaries stay and the place is used to serve the poor.                                                   

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