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“Friar Suppliers” is a ministry that we started in 1998 to help the “Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal” by assisting them with their grocery shopping.  Because the Friars and Sisters make a vow of poverty, this means, they live only on what is donated to them.  They literally “beg” for all their needs.  We reasoned that if we do the begging for them and we can provide for their needs... then, they will be able to accept more vocations and have more time to focus on their prayer life and service to the poor, which will benefit everyone.

Through monthly donations, we purchase large quantities of food and groceries.  Such as beef, chicken, pork, fish, fruits and vegetables, dry goods, rice, flour, beans, sugar, etc. We also purchase household items such as; toilet paper, detergent, garbage bags, etc.  We then sort it and repackage it all and give it to the four Friaries and three Convents in the New York City area.  We are here to provide whatever they need.

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