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Food Handout.

As we do every year, we will be handing out food to 2400 families. We provide each family with rice, beans, sugar, corn meal, oil, tuna and pasta to last them for about a month. A team of missionaries takes about six days to pack all the rations, but the hard work pays off once we see the happiness with which people receive their food, as they usually eat every other day.


Blind Families.

For the past eight years, Friar Suppliers has been feeding 100 blind people. They gather at the Little Brothers’ compound to pray the rosary and receive a meal. Each one is given a bag of rice and clothes we receive through donations. The Cuban government also operates a free hospital for the blind, because of your generosity in May we started sending people in this program to Port-au-Prince to have their eyes checked, thanks to this we found out that for them it’s only Glaucoma and their vision can be fixed. We currently have four men and two women awaiting surgery to correct their vision. The cost for bringing the people to Port au Prince is about $100.00. The cost of the food per year is about $1000.00.  This is one of the programs we treat as a priority and we always strive to spend as much as we need to help them, but if these six people get their sight back it would be more than worth the money we spend.


Orphanage Project.

Walking around the orphanage is a tough one! We never know where to start. There are thirty-five kids under the age of 18, and the older ones help with the younger ones. We love them as if they were our own and have taken care of their food situation ever since God asked us to serve them. Each month we order $500.00 worth rice, beans, pasta and chickens. In January we will be cleaning the bedrooms, bathrooms, and toy rooms from top to bottom. We have already sent cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, scrub brushes, liquid products, and rags to make the building immaculate and provide a more dignifying area to the children. Because they only have five volunteers to help at the orphanage, one maintenance man has been hired to be at the service of the place if anything arises and needs fixing, but it’s a never-ending job.

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