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In order to expedite the success of our projects we employ Haitians each year. For this trip we are employing 152 people, we have forty-two translators, one hundred Haitian workers (to help cooking, preparing the wood, transporting materials and building with us),  as well as ten security guards. Each one of them receives a payment of $150.00 US for the week which helps them to have enough money for the next six months, support their families, and being dignified with earning a wage for their labor. We also give each one of them a 50lb bag of rice and beans, and a soccer ball! Take a guess at what they like the best? Yes! The soccer ball.

Having them joining in our mission creates a special bond as they just don’t work for us, but work with us. We lead by example as we works really hard and strive work harder each time and push our limits sometimes when we see the difference we can make in people’s lives. We are divided into crews and it is here that we get to know them and hear their stories, struggle to go up the mountains with all the materials, pack food, visit houses, etc…it is always pure joy in the name of Christ who invites us to be part of their lives.

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