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Haiti Pack August 2022


As the summer rolls around I start thinking of what needs to happen in January. There are so many details that I MUST start now. But first I’d like to fill you in about some of the projects that we are doing!


During the school year, we make and give out 500 sandwiches a day. We need 105 jars of peanut butter per week. I just received a notification that 25 barrels have arrived in Haiti. These barrels were shipped from my house in March and April. It used to take 6 weeks to get barrels delivered and it is now taking 3 months! In the report I received I was told that 750 jars of peanut butter have arrived. That’s enough for almost 2 months! Marylou Conors one of our Nurses has been doing collections of peanut butter since the beginning. All I have to do is mention feeding kids and she helps! I call her ST. MARYLOU OF AVON!


We use plastic containers that the Eucharistic Host comes in for many things in feeding the Friars and Sisters. We buy 50 lb. bags of raisins, walnuts, rice, beans, flour, popcorn, and oatmeal, we then break them down into Host containers and deliver them to the Friars and Sisters. We need about 80 host containers EVERY month. We also like to send rice to Haiti to be given out to the poor. Each container holds about 5 lbs. of rice. Whenever we have EXTRA containers we send them filled to Haiti. You will see the pictures of some young adults who came out to my house and filled containers for about 5 hours. In total, we filled 1200 containers! We have some very dedicated people whose mission with Friar Suppliers is to go from Parish to Parish and pick up the containers, bring them home, wash them out and then bring them to my house. Some of my HOST ANGELS as they are called are, Diane Johnides and her mom Irene Muhs, Harry Mooney, Eileen Ruesterholtz, Nancy Black, and myself. If your parish uses the containers and you want to be a HOST ANGEL please bring them to my house! They are greatly needed!


On the page of pictures, there are some pictures of Sonsong’s house. About 3 weeks ago he called me on the phone. My translator Ferdinand dialed and did the translating. He is EXTREMELY pleased with all of these Americans giving him a wonderful new house to live in. He said he prays for FRIAR SUPPLIERS every night. They have changed his life. I also sent to him pots and pans. We bought him a 40-inch TV on Amazon Prime day ($40.00), plenty of sheets pillow cases, along with linen, and towels. His house is equipped with a propane stove for cooking. No running water. They use buckets to wash and cook with. I sent him plenty of flatware. All of you Friar Suppliers are amazing in the different things you send. A friend in Connecticut pays young people to go to the dumps to get pots and pans to ship to Haiti. We have a Friar Supplier who sends money EVERY MONTH for Sonsong, so he doesn’t have to worry about food. He is also on my monthly list of people we feed. Sonsong used to go begging EVERY DAY! Since he has a Guardian Angel in New York he now just goes and tells my assistant in Haiti what he needs and we buy it for him. Because of this Sonsong has NOT been seen on the streets begging in about 7-8 years. And now with his house, YOU have changed his life!


We are still in the planning stage. It will be similar to last year. We have already picked out 65 extremely poor people living in nothing but shacks. They will each get a new house and latrine. We have 10 people who have worked for us for 5 years and are eligible. We will have an evangelization program for local orphans. Probably about 240 kids ages 5-12. We did some repair work to the roof of the orphanage. We had 48 pieces of tin blow off the boy's dormitory. We spent $1500 on this project. Sr. Elicat is asking for another classroom for school studies. The cost will be $15,000 in total. If St Joseph sends me the money I’ll start on that.

Yours in Christ's Name,

Charlie Moran

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