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Haiti Newsletter JULY 2022

HAITI AND OUR MANY PROJECTS! This has been a very busy month for me in Haiti. It's like a day doesn’t pass that I don’t get asked a question or two!

SONSONG’S HOUSE: We started building his house last week. It is coming along very nicely. My main translator Ferdinand told me one morning he went to see the progress of the house. He said Sonsong was found laying down on the foundation. Ferdinand asked him why he was sleeping on the foundation. “He said I can’t believe that this house is going to be for me!” He said, “No one has ever cared about me ever. This house is going to change my life! I could never repay you, but I will always pray for all that are giving my sister and me this real nice house.” Sonsong is insisting on helping with his new house. He brings them water and he has been taking a towel to dry off the foreheads of the 3 men that are working on the house. He mixes the sand with the cement just to help the workers!

BLIND PROGRAM: This month is busy a busy month at the clinic. We brought 12 people to the clinic to have their sight checked. Out of the 12 that we brought 10 had cataracts and glycemia. The Doctors have treated them and all 10 regained their sight! The other 2 were sisters but their sight was too far gone so unfortunately, we could do nothing for them except get them glasses to clear up their vision. The Cuban government operates 2 Blind Hospitals in Haiti. Thanks to a very generous FRIAR SUPPLIER we were able to make a deal with the Clinic and get a reduced price of $150.00 per client. I just have to assure them I can send them $3000 every 3 months. For this, they will treat up to 25 patients and then give me the eye drops for a year for

the patients for free! The eye drops cost $10.00 per month per patient. So on each patient, we save $120.00 per patient per year! So please help me to meet my monthly bill every 3 months. My next payment is due September 1. Isn’t eyesight worth $150.00!

TILAPIA PONDS: if you remember I told you that one of our ponds had a leak in it. I noticed in the video I had that seen that the water in the ponds was green. So I knew that we needed to put filters into each pond. But we don’t have steady electricity in Haiti. So we had to put a solar panel over each tank. Theft is a big problem in Haiti. While I was looking at the video I noticed that the solar panels do not look safely secured. I asked Ferdinand how much it would cost to put RAZOR WIRE around the solar panels and the poles. This way if you try and steal my solar panels you will get securely cut. The solar panels cost $14,250 to put on the ponds; we have paid for all of these. But the razor wire is going to cost $5100. So if you could help me with this I’d appreciate it.

PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES: The program was a huge success, School is now over. The kids absolutely loved the program. We will do it again next September. For the summer one of the Brothers in Haiti runs a program for 240 orphans. We have decided to make peanut butter sandwiches for all 240 orphans!

JANUARY BUILDING TRIP: After much prayer, I’ve decided that this January we WILL be building 65 houses and 65 latrines. Americans still cannot go AGAIN this year because of Gangs that are still roaming the streets. I just don’t feel it is safe for AMERICANS or FRIARS to go. Trust me this was a hard decision to make. It's been a little over a year since I’ve been able to go to Haiti. I'm very blessed to have 2 men in Haiti that are my eyes and ears. We will also run an evangelization program for the 240 orphans. We will Baptize another 50 babies. In Haiti, it cost $15.00 to baptize one baby. I'm shipping shoes, sneakers, and clothes that we will hand out to all the orphans and our 145 workers. Each worker will receive $200 plus 50lbs of rice, and 50lbs of beans, plus they will get 2 meals per day. The men are very excited that I'm continuing this program. They were worried that because I don’t see them I have forgotten them. They REALLY need us. For almost all of them, they have not worked for cash ALL YEAR! Each year in July or August I have a meeting with all my men. We talk about the January trip at the end of the meeting I give each man a 50lb bag of rice. They are extremely happy. When have YOU as an AMERICAN ever experienced hunger? So Starting November 1st you will receive our latest DVD and begging letter. So PLEASE be as generous!

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