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Haiti Newsletter November 2021

We are still hoping that our trip to Haiti will happen this year. Over the past 3 years, we have been preparing men to be crew leaders in case we(Charlie and Joan) couldn’t come for one reason or another.

HOUSES: 2 years ago we built 50 houses then last year we did 60 and this year and this year it will be 65. Last year as we were driving through the countryside and talking to people we decided to choose people for this year depending on extreme need. Some of these houses aren’t fit for an animal never mind humans! Each year we also build houses for our workers. This year we only have 7 to build for them. The wood prices have been going up in Haiti just like here. Houses will also have a gutter system so it catches the rainwater with a blue barrel. Each house gets a small solar light so they can charge their cell phone and it has a house light attached. We will be staining the houses again this year. Each family will receive a water purifier donated by Molly and Rick Jesse who did all the fundraising. Price to build each house this year is almost $1400.00 up almost $200 from last year. So the total for houses is $91,000. Can you help us build one or part of one?

LATRINES: Again we will be building one latrine for each house. Each will have a concrete floor. The cost of each will be $1000! But without latrines they get Cholera and Cholera KILLS! Cost $65,000.

HAITIAN WORKERS AND TRANSLATORS: each year we hire men to do the work. For most of my men, this is the only week of the year when they get CASH. Mostly they barter and trade. We have been giving them $150 for the week but last year the US dollar devalued by 30%. So this year we are giving them $200.00. The average wage in Haiti if you can find a job is $10.00 PER WEEK! So you can see we treat them fairly. While working for us they get 2 meals a day. Breakfast and Lunch. Most Haitians only eat every other day so they love the meals! In addition to the pay on the last day, we give them 50lbs of rice and 50lbs of beans, and a soccer ball. What do you think they like the best? YUP, the soccer ball! So the total cost for salary rice and beans, soccer balls, and 2 meals a day is $60,000.

EVANGELIZATION PROGRAM: each year we take 240 Orphans off the street for a week and minister to them. They get 2 meals a day and we give them new clothes and sneakers. Most of their clothes are horrible. Last year we had to give some of them a bath! The cost of this program is about $5000 and a lot of LOVE!

CLOTHING AND SHOE HANDOUT: Each week from my house in New York 13 barrels are sent to Haiti filled with food, clothing, and medical supplies. Then in Haiti, we give shoes and clothes to all of our Workers, Translators, Cooks, and Orphans that are our employees. Anything left over goes to our school to be given out to the parents for their kids. Each week our shipping bill is $2080! Yes, every week! You and St Joseph make it happen. The total cost in Haiti is $0.00! But we still have the shipping!

BAPTISM: Again we will be Baptizing 50 babies. In Haiti, the cost of having a Baby Baptized is $15.00 US. Because they make so little money most do not have their babies Baptized. The cost is $15.00 each. I told them that I would fundraise for 50 but as of last week, I have a total of 71 babies! So if you can help me we will Baptize all of them. The total cost of the 71 would be $1065.

SHEEP AND GOAT BREEDING PROGRAM: BRAND NEW! If you remember the earthquake last August was very severe. Most of the wildlife died. So the Little Brothers have asked me if we could start a breeding program where they will give 2 sheep or 2 goats to families in the South of Haiti that were affected by the Earthquake. A set of sheep costs $70.00 and a pair of Goats cost $120. I’ve committed us to $10,000 to hopefully start this project.


I need all of you so we can help GOD’S poor. Remember Friar Suppliers has no overhead. So every dollar raised goes to the poor. We all volunteer our time and talents. You get lots of graces by donating your treasures. I’m sure you have thought about coming on a mission. Please read through these projects and see which you would be willing to help with. This is the OFFICIAL START of our fundraising. So I need both your prayers and financial help. We are 501C3 so your donation is tax-deductible. On your check please write HAITI 2022! Please mail all checks to FRIAR SUPPLIERS

108 North Greene Ave

Lindenhurst, New York


If last year you were helping a specific Missionary that was going on the trip please write their name in the MEMO so we give them credit. We have almost all the same team coming this year. All Missionaries have to do fundraising and we will credit their account. If you don’t know a name that’s no problem. Mark it GENERAL FUND.

In Christ name always,

Charlie Moran

583 S. 7th St. Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Phone: 631-682-4298 Fax: 631-226-0050



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