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Friar Suppliers JUNE 2022

May has been a very busy month for Friar Suppliers. I'm sure my health has a

lot to do with it. I'm getting around with a rotator chair and a cane.

People have started bringing me clothes and shoes again. On a limited basis, I can go and pick up food from different Parishes. I just ask them if they can load it into my car and then my 2 friends Nancy Black and Daury Duran come over and pack the barrels. Up in Avon, Connecticut there is St Mary Lou of Avon Ct who collects unbelievable amounts of food for the poor. She keeps telling me that it all gets donated but I'm sure she is buying a lot of it. Her husband Bob is a total SAINT and I'm sure he is going straight to Heaven. Nancy Black takes the 4-hour ride to Connecticut just to get the food. We then come back to my house and the 3 of us load the barrels. We usually fill almost 5 barrels! We send some of the food to the Medical Clinic, some to the orphanage, and then we send some to the Little Brothers for them to give out to the poor.

SONSONG'S HOUSE: They started pouring the foundation of Sonsongs house.

I got the diagram and it is a very nice size with 3 bedrooms. Sonsong gets one, and then his 2 sisters get the other rooms. On Monday night he whatsapped me to say thank you to all of you for your generosity. The house is ALMOST paid for. I thought the estimate would be $25,000 but because of increases in products, it came in out to $29,000 so St Joseph has to work a little harder. I received a cash donation for Sonsong's house for household things. So I’ve been going to garage sales and thrift stores to get new kitchen utensils, sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters, plus some people have been mailing me stuff. The completion date is mid-August. The house will even have solar panels so that he can charge cell phones. Last December I bought him a 40inch TV on Amazon on Black Friday- It was only $40.00. It will have a nice kitchen with a Refrigerator and a propane stove. We buy the first propane tank.

That will last about 5 months.

PEANUT BUTTER BREAKFAST: Ferdinand my lead man in Haiti told me we have 200 jars of peanut butter and he wanted to know what to do with them. After a few days, I told him I wanted to start a breakfast program. We have 500 students in the St Therese School which is run by the Little Brothers. So we are making 500 peanut butter sandwiches EVERY day and handing them out first thing in the morning. Jeff Brinvil is running this program. The bread cost us $62.00 PER MONTH and I need 105 of peanut butter PER WEEK. I pay Jeff Brinvil $200 for running the program. On weeks when I don’t have peanut butter in Haiti we buy it. It cost $158.00 per month. I’ve sent out begging letters to 22 Parishes asking for PEANUT BUTTER. So I just need money for running the program. Please see the enclosed flyer for pictures so you can see what we are doing! And remember we feed these kids 5 days a week. In the summer when school is out we will feed the 240 orphans that come to see Br Wilfred each day. I'm very excited about this program because AGAIN Friar Suppliers LOVES

feeding people.

TILAPIA PONDS: As I told you 3 months ago we needed to fix our tilapia ponds. Well, I'm happy to report that $13,000 later our ponds have been repaired. We put 3 filters in each pond and put a solar panel in each to power the filters. We are covering the cost of the tilapia food until December. So it cost us $161.00 per month. Br Denni in Haiti is extremely thankful to Friar Suppliers for supporting him with this project!

BLIND FAMILIES: Last month I talked about all of the men and women who needed surgery to get their sight back, most just need cataract surgery. We went to the Clinic and we played “LETS MAKE A DEAL”. We asked the Dr them how many people they could treat if we gave them $5000. So instead of $250.00 per person, they will treat 40 people, plus give us eye drops for 12 months- that saves us $120.00 per person. We currently have 14 people signed up for the surgery and another 26 on the list. So that will be 40 total. We have 78 people on our Blind persons list so hopefully by the end of the year all of them can be seen. I’ve been

blessed to have a man named Max Polo in Haiti who oversees this program and gets the people to the Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For this, I give him $100.00 per month. He is happy to have a job!

MASS STIPENDS: Fr Iris and Fr Jude are very happy when I send them Mass Stipend money. They pray those Masses reverently and are very happy to do this for us. This is their only source of money so please send me the names of who you want a Mass said for.

HELP SHOPPING: if you live on Long Island I really could use someone to do the Friar shopping. Yes, I'm getting better but I can't lift the boxes yet. We do it on Thursdays once a month and it usually takes about 3 hours. Can you sacrifice 3 hours once a month for the Lord?

Please call me, Charlie at 631-682-4298

Yours in Christ's name,

Charlie Moran

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