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Friar Suppliers JULY 2022

“Sing a new song to the Lord, for He has worked wonders.” Psalm 98

Warm wishes to all our dear Friar Suppliers; Catholics are Pro-Life people. We understand that God is the origin of life and death. It is Natural Law. He alone gives life and takes life. What happens when people forget this fundamental basic truth? We have what we have in our country; 60 million deaths from abortion. Fifty years it has taken to correct the misguided Supreme Court to correct what our founding fathers knew to be the truth when they wrote the Constitution. Our merciful Lord is giving us another chance. His Sacred Heart is flowing with mercy rather than vengeance.

Should we celebrate this victory? It's a wonderful victory for life. Yes, maybe for a day, but there is no time to waste. We can’t get puffed up with pride, thinking that our work is done. The well-being of women and men and the lives of all unborn babies are still at risk. It is evident in our culture that so many people are still not willing to accept that only God can give and take life. In times of distress, they forget this, or perhaps they never felt the love of God. At least now, we have the ability to work harder at changing the culture. How do we do this? Perhaps it will take another fifty or more years.

Our job now is to make sure every woman and man in a crisis pregnancy has loving arms to turn to. Crisis pregnancy centers need to work harder at helping couples with every need that faces them. We need to ask God for forgiveness for our sins of judging and isolating couples who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies or outside of marriage. We need to teach, and model what good family life is in our own families and walk lovingly beside any couple who is struggling, by affirming and helping them for as long as needed.

We need to make our voices heard by voting for people who will protect the lives of women and children. We are responsible for what happens in our state. We can and should vote Pro-life. Abortion destroys the future. Life secures it.

I could go on and on with all the things we can do to change our culture. Abortion has hurt millions of people. There is so much suffering and many hearts have become hardened. It will take time to change. Abortion has been a war in our country. A 50-year war. With 60 million dead and billions wounded. I am convinced that the only way to move forward is with love. All of us need to stop and think about the past 50 years and the damage it has done to families. We are all responsible for the future. None of us can say that we are not. Let’s work to make this world a more loving place for families to thrive.

We have noticed that very few people send us prayer intentions with their monthly donations. Please know that we keep the Friars and Sisters “happy” when they know that their prayers are helping others. That’s their job. That’s what they gave their lives to. We are sure that you all have plenty of intentions for the sick and needy in your lives. We encourage you to take the time to request prayers for your needs by writing your intentions on the enclosed index card and mailing it back to us with your donation to Friar Suppliers.

If you would like a Mass said for someone, Charlie has it arranged with certain priests in Haiti who will happily say a Mass for any soul or any intention that you have. A donation of $10 goes straight to the priests in Haiti and helps to support them. Priests in Haiti do not get a salary. You can send us a $10.00 check with a note for your intention. It’s a nice gift for those you love at any time of the year for any occasion.

Mother Clare, one of the Franciscan Sisters, wrote a beautiful children’s book, and Andrew Corsini a past CFR illustrated it. It’s a great book for your children and Grandchildren. This book is a great gift for the little ones in your life, and your support helps the CFRs. Here is the link to buy it on Amazon. Little Convent in the Big City: The Unsolvable Problem

We are sorry to say that there will not be a Friar Supplier Picnic in September. Because Charlie was sick in January and February, we missed the opportunity to secure a park permit for an event. We had many, many great picnics over the years. We can enjoy the memories of our times together and be thankful for those days. The future is in God’s hands. Thank you everyone for your faithful donations each month for Friar Suppliers and Haiti. This is a Pro-life work that has touched many, many people, thanks to all of you. We couldn’t do it without you.

God bless you all.

All for…JMJ,

Joan & Charles Moran

Eileen Garbe

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