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Sir Charles Haiti Reflection Letter 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

His talk was about “how to evangelize and give our faith away.” During his talk he surprised the heck out of me because he references “If we were in Haiti today…” He mentions that if you have a real hurt for helping the poor then go to your pastor and tell him you want to organize a mission team and go to Haiti to build a church and help at the orphanage.” He says “what you will do is get on a plane and you’re going to be so proud of yourself and go oooh man I’m gonna go help some kids. Gonna give my faith away.” And when you get on the plane to come back your gonna be weeping. Your gonna realize that the kids gave you more than you gave them. Sounds familiar?

I am grateful to know each of the missionaries and religious who come on the trip, for the Haitians who I have met and those I have come to know more personally. It's not just about construction but about building relationships. I believe that this is what it's all about.

I had the blessing of being on the trip with my son. He worked his daily assignments, and I did mine. We talked each night before going to sleep. We have not done anything like this since he was a child. We have made memories together that only we will share. In this fast-paced world, we rarely see each other. I have come to know him ever more greatly in Haiti and saw that he is a fine young man of whom I am very proud. I am grateful to God for allowing me this opportunity to spend quality time with my son. I was also grateful to see several others who were there with the children. This mission trip is truly a family effort both individually and as a collective group. God brought us together for a reason and it is greater than just the work we do. It is us a family.

I just about passed out. I couldn’t believe my ears. I know God meant for me to hear this message. I can’t come up with any other answer. After his speech, he came to the side of the church and you won’t believe this. He comes and stands right next to where I’m sitting. I am sure God had the hand in on this one. I’m thinking do I talk to him or what? Well, I stood up and said “sir you wouldn’t believe this, but I just came back from a Haiti Mission trip and I know that God gave you this message for me. Dr. Hunt was very thankful of the fact that I went on the mission trip and just as surprised that he gave that message and that someone actually went to Haiti that was in the audience. He talked to a few more people then came back to me to say God bless me for going to Haiti and doing mission work. I guess God does send us the messages we need to hear.

I think of Haiti all the time. Every chance I get I try to relate something that we did to what happens in my daily life. I experienced something recently and I am positive that God was talking to me. I am not one to always hear God as I should. Let me explain. I went with two buddies of mine to a men’s conference. 350 men (1100 before Covid) who come together for a full day of prayer and speakers. Well, one of the speakers was named Dr. Allan Hunt. His talk was on “Joseph, Protector of the Church”. How does this apply to the Haiti Mission trip you might ask?

Many people ask me how my trip to Haiti was? Oddly enough I struggle with the answer. How does one really explain what we experience? I tell them that God touched my life as only he can do, and I’ll be touched forever by his love, his kindness, and how he uses me to help others.” I ask you, has he not done this for all of us who were there?

PS. God bless you for all the times you made those peanut butter sandwiches. Oddly enough that experience taught me much about serving others. Such a small task with so great the reward. To serve others is our greatest gift of God.

Sir Charles

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