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Greg’s reflection letter

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Haiti. It was another successful trip because of your help reaching our fundraising goal. to H

Haiti. It was another successful trip because of your help reaching our fundraising goal.

Like past years, we built and assembled several houses and latrines. In addition to that, this year we built a 14’ by 28’ building for the boy scouts and cleaned up after a school that recently burnt.

Three weeks prior to leaving for Haiti, we received an email that the orphanage’s school burnt to the ground. Just when you think things can’t get worse for them it does. Due to the lack of resources in the country it was impossible for them to clear and rebuild the school. Thankfully, we were able to assemble a crew to clear out the debris and prepare for the school to be rebuilt.

Another significant part of our trip is the food handout at the end of the week. Mh first year in Haiti, we fed 300 families, this year we fed 2,400 families! This incredible increase in the Haitians being fed year to year wouldn’t be without the funds and hard work the Americans and Haitians put into this. 40 tons of food are bought, divvied up and distributed.

The other part of this trip is the medical clinic. Haitians travel hours from different parts of the country to be seen by the nurses and receive treatment and medication. One patient was a 14 day old baby girl. The baby had been abandoned by her mother and was starving to death. Through the good graces and capacity of the nurses, they were able to give the baby formula she desperately needed for survival.

There are many reasons for going back to Haiti each year. One of the biggest is the friendships we establish with all our workers and the progress that we continue to make. Since I have been going to Haiti, we have built over 450 houses and over 425 latrines. The reason this is possible is because of the generous donations we receive each year. 100 percent of the money raised is spent in Haiti to help improve Haitian lives, provide an income, teach them a skill, but most of all, to give them hope.

Ten years ago, Helen and I were blessed to meet Charlie Moran, the man that runs these mission trips. After listening to his stories and wanting to get involved, Charlie invited me to go to Haiti and start building houses. It was a great opportunity and one I could not turn down. I have been blessed to share these trips with two of my daughters and for six years, with my wife.

Thank you and God bless,

Greg Hartmann

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