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A month and a half after returning home from our mission in Haiti, much of the dust in my mind has settled. And what remains is Jesus. His gaze of love from upon the Cross. And the presence of the broken heart at His feet. The only heart, it would seem, continuing to ponder the last part of her Son’s promise: Resurrection. This encapsulates the core of what I have received from this mission.

The first thing most people’s minds understandably go to when they hear about Haiti is probably the poverty, the human suffering, the brokenness, the Crucified Christ. And such is truly present and is a reality that cries out to all Christians and people of good will for compassion. Yet, as the terrible truth of this reality became rapidly apparent, so did something else: Joy. From so many cracks of pain shone the light of joy, the inevitable conclusion to all human suffering, the light of Christ’s Resurrection.

Smiles, hugs, and affectionate touches shine unconsumed in the loud darkness. A richness and life, such as has become increasingly hidden in the United States today, radiates from so many of the people. Children desperate for water generously share one bottle with six others and seem undeterred by this thirst from the opportunity to play soccer with us. Another family proudly welcomes us—and the 15 kids following—into their simple home graciously receiving our gifts of food and prayer. One young girl named Abichet expends no little effort to make sure we give food to all whom she knows are in need before receiving such for herself. Yes, there is much suffering in Haiti, yet even more true is the fact that so many of the people, even if unconscious of the reality itself, revealed to me the promise of the Resurrection.



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