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Angels all around us

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Haiti Reflection 2019

Mary Lou Connors

After so many visits to Haiti and beating the odds, the day finally came. As I began working with the medical team, my stomach went into overdrive. I quickly returned my room and spent the day in bed. It was hot, so the door was left open a little. The water and Gatorade at my bedside were all I needed.

After a while, I awakened and saw that my bed was surrounded by five little children. Their sweet faces were just watching and wondering. My first impulse was to gently ask them to leave, but when I did, they did not understand me. The little girl closest to me pointed to my water bottle to request a drink. Fearful that my illness was contagious, I said no. Imagine refusing a child a simple request for a drink of water! I know that it was the reasonable thing to do. The little girl appeared puzzled so she asked again. Again, I felt compelled to respond, “No, I sick.”At that moment in my heart I heard, “I thirst,” the words Jesus uttered from His cross. When God sends his Cherubim all around me, I need to hear His message. Perhaps I can help this community to somehow have more water for the children. May I never again have to refuse to give a child a drink. These angels of Haiti shouldn’t ever be so thirsty.

When I return in June, I’ll let you know if it’s within our reach to construct a new well. So many health problems that these Haitian people have are because of chronic dehydration and poor sanitation. A five gallon bucket of water from a well has to last a family two to three days. This water is used for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. I hope that we can find an answer to their water problems.

Oh yes, I am grateful to God for this message that He sent to me through His angels on my sick day in Haiti. Have you ever seen Cherubim?

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