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October 2021 Friar Suppliers Newsletter

October 2021

“Oh Lord, come to my assistance. Oh Lord make haste to help me.”

Peace be with you all dear Friar Suppliers. I love this time of year. October is the beginning of a new season; autumn. I love the many feast days that occur during this month and season. The fall season includes:

The feast of the Archangels,

Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael on Sept 29th.

St Jerome on Sept 30th.

St. Theresa, The Little Flower, on October 1st.

The Feast of the Guardian Angels on Oct 2nd.

The Transitus of St Francis is celebrated on Oct 3rd.

The feast day of St Francis is on Oct 4.

St Faustina Kowalska Of the Divine Mercy, on Oct 5th.

Our Lady of the Rosary on Oct 7th.

St. Pope John XXIII on Oct Oct 11th.

St Teresa of Avila on Oct 15th.

St Margaret Mary Alacoque on Oct 16th.

The feast of St Luke on Oct 18th

St Isaac Jogues , St John de Brebeuf and American Martyrs on Oct 19th.

St. Paul of the Cross on Oct 20th

St pope John Paul II on Oct 22nd.

To me, it seems like all the greatest saints I know are honored during this short period of time. It’s just amazing to me. Do you realize that almost every day, we have a great saint who can intercede for us in a special way on their feast days? It’s amazing to me because it all leads up to and culminates in the Feast of “All Saints” on Nov 1st. Just in case we may have forgotten someone, the church honors all those Saints known and unknown. We have so much to be thankful for in our Catholic Church. It’s a shame that Protestants don’t honor the Saints. They are missing out on all the prayers that our great Saints intercede for all of us. Let’s keep them busy this month with our prayers, asking for their intercession.

Our Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal and all Franciscan Congregations throughout the world celebrated the “Transitus” on Oct 3rd and the Feast of St. Francis on Oct 4th. You may be asking yourself; What is the “Transitus?” The “Transitus” is the passing or death of St. Francis into eternal life. It’s a solemn and yet joyful celebration of this great Saint. The “Transitus” is celebrated in many different ways among the many Franciscan Congregations. The church is usually lit only by candles. Usually, the account of St Francis’ death is read along with Psalm 142 which was read just before Francis died. The gospel account of the crucifixion and death of Jesus is often read. Songs may be sung and other prayers written by St Francis. Finally, the candles are blown out to commemorate the passing

of St Francis. Here is one prayer that is so beautiful to meditate on:

“Therefore, let us desire nothing else. Let us want nothing else. Let nothing else please us and cause us delight except our Creator. Redeemer and Savior, the only true God, all good, every good, the true and supreme good. Merciful, gentle, delightful, and sweet. Who alone is holy, just, holy, and upright. Who alone is kind, innocent, clean, from Whom, through Whom, and in Whom is all pardon, all grace, all glory of all penitents and just ones, of all the blessed rejoicing together in heaven.” Amen.

I’m sorry, I don’t know who wrote this prayer. I got it off the internet. Perhaps it was St. Francis himself. I’d like to think so.

Do all of you remember Fr. Benedict Groeschel? He was the first Friar along with seven others to start the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Welcomed with open arms into the Archdiocese of NY by Cardinal O’Connor in 1987. Fr. Benedict lived a life as closely conformed to St Francis and Jesus as one could possibly be. He died on October 3rd, 2014, 788 years later; the same day that St. Francis died!! He was truly a remarkable and saintly man. To have known him was to be in the presence of a saint. Someday, we hope that he will be canonized as a saint.

The picnic on Sept 12th was successful. We had a beautiful sunny day with lots of good food, fun, and games (along with every yellow jacket in the park). There were many Friars and Sisters and Friar Suppliers who came; about 150 in all. It was great to be together the only thing missing were many of you who unfortunately couldn’t come.

Volunteer Opportunities: As you know, because of Covid, Charlie now brings the food directly to the Friars in the Bronx where they sort it and package it for each Friary and Convent. However, we still stuff the monthly newsletter here at our house on the last Tuesday of every month starting at 10 am. We invite you to come help us if you are free and able.

Please RSVP to Charlie: 631-682-4298. Thank you.

Also, our garage fills up weekly with items for the poor in Haiti. Almost every week, the barrels need to be packed and shipped to Haiti. Charlie needs help packing the barrels. Please, offer to help if you can possibly give him an hour or two of your time when necessity calls. RSVP to Charlie: 631-682-4298.

If you have items to donate to Haiti, please leave them in the garage at our house:

583 S7th St Lindenhurst. The key to the garage is in the garage door frame on the left.

Thank you, all our dear Friar Suppliers for your generosity each month.

Even though we don’t know many of you personally, we consider you part of the Friar

Supplier family. Always, in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your families

for your prayers and generosity.

All for…..JMJ.

Joan & Charlie Moran

Eileen Garbe

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