July 2021 Friar Supplier Newsletter

July 2021

“Let the people praise you, O God; let all the people praise you.”

Guess what? You’ll never believe it!

We are finally able to have another “Friar Supplier Picnic” this year. No more Covid 19 to be afraid of. God is good! Of course, we mourn those who have suffered and lost their lives during this terrible pandemic, just like we did after 9/11. We will never forget. But we can hopefully enjoy a new springtime of hope in the coming months.

So get ready! Mark your calendars:

Sunday, September 12th, from 1:00 on, at Bethpage State Park, Bluebird Pavilion, next to the parking lot. (no rain date) Pray for good weather. Please!!

Everyone is welcome, Friars, Sisters, Friar Suppliers, and your families and friends. Please bring food for your group plus some extra to share, such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, rolls, salads, heroes, fruit, pizza, appetizers, hot or cold entrees, cakes, cookies, chips, candy. Anything you would like to eat and share. It’s all good! We will have grills going for barbecuing. All food will be shared buffet style. Bring a lawn chair if you don’t want to sit at a picnic table. Bring yard toys if you have them, such as corn hole, frisbees, etc. Anything to make the day fun for the big and little kids. There is a restroom and playground close by our site.

We will supply all the paper goods, Sterno trays, ice, lemonade, iced tea, and water.

Ok, stop reading, and mark your calendar right now before you forget!


Now that it’s summertime, let’s move on and think about Jesus during our “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” If you live in-land or the mid-west of the USA with farms all around you, it is easy to connect with Jesus' themes about seeds and plants, sowing, and reaping. Or if you live in the mountains, you might be able to really connect with Jesus who often spent a lot of time on a mountain in prayer. These provide hours of themes to meditate on because we can relate our experiences with His.

Living here on Long Island, like most of us Friar Suppliers, we have the rivers, the LI Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean all around us. Water is everywhere and the opportunities to enjoy the water by swimming, boating, fishing, sunbathing, is all too often just taken for granted. Like us, Jesus grew up near the sea. He worked, preached, and performed many miracles near or on the water. Spending time alone in, on, or near the water, gives us plenty of time to think about all of Jesus’s actions that took place involving water.

I’m a natural beach lover since forever. However, I have a very healthy fear and respect for the water. The power of water is incredible! If you ever got caught in a riptide or experienced a superstorm like “Sandy”, you understand that we have no control over what could happen. Jesus shows His power and truly reveals who He is; God Himself, when He shows His power over the water and the weather. Jesus calms a storm ( Matt 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41 and Luke 8:22-25.) Jesus, walks on water (John 6:16-21 and Matt 14:28-32) The Apostles catch 153 fish after Jesus tells the Apostles to throw their nets in after trying unsuccessfully all night. ( John 21:1-25) It's exciting to think about these things because as Long Islanders we can truly relate. The beauty and the power of the ocean is mysterious indeed. The God who created the water is the God who has the power to control it. Think about it! There is soooo much we can meditate on while sitting or strolling on the beach. Think about how infinite and powerful God is. Think about creation. Look at all the incredible life that is in the ocean. How did it come to be? Think about how small and insignificant you are in this world. Think about how much God loves you because you wouldn’t exist if He didn’t. Think about how random it seems that you are you, here in this place at this time in history. How could this be? If Jesus who is God can control the sea and the weather, why are we so full of fear or worried about everything? With all His power, there is no need that God can’t fill.

I just love a day at the beach; it does my soul good! I hope it affects you the same way because we can learn so much when we think about these things. We waste too much time worrying. Remember what it says in (Phillippians 4:8); “Finally Brothers, (let’s not forget us sisters) whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is lovely, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” You might want to copy this verse and stick it on your bathroom mirror so you read it every day.

If you are one of those people who never lived by the ocean, don’t feel left out. A hike in the woods or up a mountain, or a close, close look at the miracles of watching the corn grow and the bugs do their thing, can produce the same kind of reflections. We can do this during the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer. God is all around us. Yes He is!

Did you mark your calendar yet?

Friar Suppliers is doing well. Charlie is still able to shop and deliver the food to the Friars each month. He has amazing “stick-to-it-ness!" He is so faithful each month, no matter what else is going on in his life or anyone elses, he makes Friar Suppliers his number one priority. Whatever the problem that comes up, he manages to find a solution. God still wants this work to continue, so He helps him out by sending the right persons to help. For instance, since it is now too hot to leave meat in the van overnight until we can deliver it, Chris Liotto volunteered to deliver the meat the day before. Thank you Chris for coming to our rescue. He is a gift from God, like so many others who help Charlie with shopping, packing, loading and unloading the van of all the heavy 50 and 100lb bags and boxes of food. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for all your help and donations for Friar Suppliers. Don’t forget to keep the Friars and Sisters busy praying by filling out your prayer request cards.

Ok, this is a test? When and where is the Picnic? To find the answer, look on your calendar.

All for...JMJ,

Joan & Charlie Moran

Eileen Garbe

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