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Updated: Nov 21, 2018

How would you like to come and see and serve Jesus Christ?

Each year after our Haiti trip I get people who say to me “really I could have come on the trip”? I do not limit our trips to a select few. We always have Friars and Sisters. We have people that have been coming over and over each year but I always welcome New Missionaries. I don’t ask much. You need to come with an open heart and mind. You need to come to serve not be served. You need to be prayerful and have the utmost respect for the poor. You can’t be judgmental and compare your way of living to theirs. They would love to live like Americans. The days are long, the temperature can be hot but it’s not humid so that’s a plus! The Haitian workers we hire love us. They will do whatever you ask them to. They love for you to sit and talk with them and be interested in their lives. We hire 1 translator for every 2 Americans I bring. So we usually have at least 22 translators. We hire 60 Haitian workers to help us get the work done. We hire 4 security guards just because…. In addition to us being feed I also feed our workers 2 meals a day. Breakfast and lunch. After all how can you work if you’re hungry- most Haitians usually only eat every other day- so this is a nice break!


Build 15 houses and latrines for woman who work at the Alta Vista orphanage and have nowhere to live.

Build 13 houses for women who have worked for Friar Suppliers for at least 5 years, who now own or pay rent on a piece of property.

Build 30 chicken coups for more of our workers. They will also be given training on how to care for them and be given 5 chickens.

Continue our water treatment program- not sure of all the details yet- God has been slow in telling me where to continue with this program!

Our Food handout will give food to 2,400 people. We will give them enough food for a month like we have in the past.

Shoes and sneakers- all of our workers will be given 2 pairs of sneakers or shoes.

Clothing- each worker will be able to go through the clothes and be given 10 articles of clothing of their choice.

Evangelization- In addition to the usual home visits and skits that we will put on we are adding “Winter Life” Each year, both the Friars and Sisters have “Summer Life” where kids get to come each day and spend about 5 hours learning there faith and having games. Because we are going in January we are calling it “Winter Life”.

It will start on a Thursday and end with our skits on Sunday. Br Wilfred has a group of 90 orphans that we plan on allowing to come and have fun. They will be given lunch each day. Because the school is closed for Christmas break we will use those classrooms and have the lunch in the cafeteria.

Christmas toy handout- Steven Speryl and his finance Cathleen have given me 55 brand new toys to be given out in our orphanage. They are getting married December 23 and rather than buy favors for their guests, they bought us toys for our orphanage. So these kids who have no toys will be overwhelmed on Little Christmas this year! Thanks Steve and Cat!

Medical team- our medical team will be rejoining us from Jan 6-12 to continue taking care of the sick. We have made some enhancements to our medical facility over this past summer to make it more functional.

So this sums up MOST of the projects but now I really need your help. The total budget for is about $220,000. I need about $20,000 just to pay for the airfares of the Religious that come and for their food and lodging. Our food handout cost $40,000. The cost of all the lumber for building all the houses, latrines and chicken coups is $90,000. The salaries for paying our Translators, Haitian workers, and cooks are $30,000. Each worker gets $150.00- for most of these workers it’s the only cash they will get for the whole YEAR!

Our DVD is almost done and will be mailed out in November with all of last year’s projects. But what I really need help with is the fundraising. If you can help us in any way I’d appreciate it. If you belong to K of C, Christian Mothers, Altar guild, Girl Scouts, or any Moms groups and you could do a fundraiser that really would help. I ask that, if at Christmas time you could sacrifice just a little more I’d appreciate it. If you want to help pay the airfares for the Friars or Sisters that would help me sleep better! However you can help, would be appreciated. All of this work gets done to bring Glory to Jesus Christ! We need to feed the poor, clothe the naked, comfort the sick, house the homeless- so just pick one of these and help me do it!

If you have any questions ,please call me at 631 -682-4298.

Yours in Christ Name, Charlie Moran

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