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Cristian and Leah Jablonski Reflection Haiti 2019

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Leah originally planned on going on the mission after talking with her co-worker Karen Fitzgerald who went on a mission the year prior. It was only when Leah started discussing going on the trip Cristian became really excited and wanted to be apart of it as well. We celebrated our marriage with family and friends on September 14th, 2018 and were even more excited to spend our "honeymoon" in Haiti giving back to a higher purpose. It was truly an amazing experience and I believe we did see God and he followed us home so to speak. It's hard to not see God in Haiti, in the people, the culture, the harsh terrain but these people continue to survive and raise families. I know, I truly saw God's hand at work when he called 50 different people of all different ages and backgrounds all across the the United States on this mission. The thought that we could all be so connected and all have a higher purpose and plan can only come from him. Cristian states he too saw God- albeit it is difficult for him to find trust in the lord, he continues to boast about the demolition and was even more excited for his shout out in the news letter. We've become closer in our marriage- in this day and age it's easy to be distracted from each other with technology.

Leah's recommendation- I was pulled in last minute for the school girls menstruation group talk- I believe your wife normally does this class and wasn't able to come on this last mission so I'm not sure how she normally teaches it. I understand teaching abstinence to these girls is top priority, however I truly believe for the SAFETY of these girls we should be educating on safe sex and what that means- using protection from STD's and preventing pregnancy. I know we should teach abstinence first but if we don't educate on if they choose to participate in sexual activities outside of marriage how do they PROTECT themselves, I saw countless abandoned or starving children being raised by young mothers- something so preventable as a condom. 

Cristian's recommendation- for building the translators should be reminded they need to partake in the physical labor and a more in depth test of their english/crele translation, some of the translators weren't doing all that well at translating.

Charlie, Thank you so much for what you do. God Bless.

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