" Your praise, oh God, like your name, reaches the end of the earth;

your right hand is filled with saving justice."

– Psalm 47


Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your summer! It’s time to mark your calendars once again for our annual: 

Friar Supplier Picnic Sunday,

Sept. 8th, 2019

“Blue Bird Pavilion” 

1 pm until sunset 


Please notice that we had to change the location from last year because of availability. We will send you a detailed flier with information, directions, and what to bring in our next September newsletter. 

Scripture is timeless. It speaks to every generation. It never gets outdated or old fashioned. Take for instance the words of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew 9: 36-38, 

“At the sight of the crowds, His heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “ The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; therefore ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for His harvest.” 

Who will be the laborers in our present time? We have lost some of our greatest saints that God has ever given us; John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, Jerry, and Qwen Coniker have all been called home. Who is God rising up today? Like Jesus says, we have to ask God to send us saints. Saints are a gift from God that we merit. I heard an old Irish saying; “we get the priests that we deserve.” I think there is some truth in this. I think we get saints, not according to our needs but according to our desire and how much we pray and ask God to send them. 

Friar Suppliers was started mainly to promote priestly and religious vocations. We are so thankful for all the men and women who have said yes to God to serve the church as Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal. There are many great men and women in our church who are serving. But they are struggling because, in reality, there are still so few. We need more vocations now! Only a priest can bring us Jesus. We must encourage and pray for vocations. 

Where do vocations come from? From our families. Many families discourage their children from the priesthood and religious life. After what the church has been through, we can understand that. But it’s time to start anew and ask our children to discern if God is calling them. I forget which saint said it, that one in six people have a vocation calling from God. If there are no priests to say Mass, it’s our fault. If there are no Sisters to teach our children or nurse the sick, it’s our fault. 

“Laborers” for the “harvest” are not only Priests and religious. We have to beg God to send us saintly lay men and women who will lead us. We need these saints in political and civil service, in our companies, businesses, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, local parishes, and families. This means us. This means us! 

We are all called to be God’s laborers; His saints in today’s world. We can start doing this by being more faithful and less fearful. We must evangelize, and speak boldly. Let me give you an example of how I “missed” an opportunity to evangelize and now regret.

Recently, I met a stranger, and we introduced ourselves with the usual small talk of who we are, where we live, how many children, what we do, etc. She then began to tell me that she was Catholic, married and divorced twice, no children and was now living with someone for twenty years. I didn’t ask her for this information. She gave it freely. She went on to try and justify herself by saying she figures that if “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Those were her words. I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say at the time. I regret not speaking in love and telling her that “IT (meaning her marriages and life as a Catholic) already IS broken.” She was so open and friendly to me, that I could have spoken honestly and evangelized this lady if only I had been brave enough to try and not worry about “political correctness,” “rationalism,” or “tolerance.” I learned a regrettable but good lesson. All of us get into situations and conversations like this from time to time. We can’t be cowards any longer. We must fight back against the tide of relativism and secularism if we want to save the souls of others and ourselves. After all, what have we got to lose? Better to lose someone’s good opinion of us than to lose our soul. We must rise up and be the laborers that Je- sus is talking about. We can’t say; “who me?” and think someone else is going to do it. We are all responsible. 

Let’s all make a greater effort to pray for more vocations. Let’s pray for God to raise up saints in our time. Let’s pray for the courage to be the saints God is asking us to be. Be Bold! Be Catholic! 

Thank you, everyone, for your donations and support for Friar Suppliers. The Friars, Sisters and the poor they serve are grateful for all we do. This September, we expect another 9 men to answer the call to” come and see” and discern their vocations as Postulants. There are about 6 women who will be coming as well. We are so grateful! Keep praying, everyone!!


    All for…...JMJ,


Joan & Charlie Moran

Eileen & Rich Garbe