Haiti Mission: January 2-12, 2019


First I hope all of you have received your Haiti DVD with your November newsletter. We sent them out early so you would have time to view it. If you haven’t received it please call me immediately and ill send you out another.


Our January trip seems to be going a little ahead of schedule. Last year I procrastinated and procrastinated on getting certain things done. In the end, I had to pay big time because the day before the trip I still had lots of suitcases to pack and it was 10 degrees! Never again.


This year we have 10 Friars and 5 Sisters coming. Our lay missionary’s this year include 28 men and woman plus 3 people still trying to get the time off from work, so that could be as many as 46! God willing. Our medical is another 6-8. So we would have 54 at the compound where we stay. The most ever. They can accompany up to 75 so we are in good shape.


I received 3 phone calls this month from Friar Suppliers asking me if there was something special they could do. I suggested running a benefit to help our January trip. I need to raise $220,000. The money raised by these 3 groups will go to buy badly needed items for the orphanage. We are hoping to maybe even lay the groundwork for building a wall around the orphanage. There are vandals that have been breaking into the orphanage and throwing rocks on the tin ceilings freighting the kids. One of the men that called said that they would like to raise part of the money for the Boy Scout Pavilion in addition to the orphanage. The Boy Scouts will finally have a nice place they can call their own to have their meetings.


Our evangelization program run by the Sisters and Friars will help 60 orphan kids each day. They will start the day off with Mass, then have breakfast and then go to Winter School until 1:00 pm. They will get lessons in English. They will sing do arts and crafts projects and color. These kids have no parents and just roam the streets looking for things to do. Thanks to you they will get a nice hearty meal each day!


Almost all the barrels we have shipped have arrived. I'm going to Haiti December 4-10 to go sort through the barrels and make it easier for when we arrive in Haiti. Because we ship 12 a week I have about 150 barrels to go through and sort it out. I'm going to hire 4 men to help me because I had my shoulder surgery and I still have to be careful. There are other projects I need to get organized before I go. I'm a very organized person and with all these people coming I need to make sure that I have jobs for all and everyone knows what is expected.


These trips are a lot of work and there are 5 people that help on a very regular basis. I said earlier that we ship 12 barrels a week. They don’t get loaded by themselves although in the cold water we all wish we could come up with a way they would especially in February and March. My special packing ANGELS are Richie Garbe- Eileen’s husband, Bill Michel, Bill, and Bunny McDonald and Catherine Crawford. These people always put Friar Suppliers at the top of their list. Sometimes I only have 7 hours notice of when things are coming in and they drive from near and far to come to load barrels. Sometimes more than once in a day!


So as Christmas times draw closer to his birth, I ask you to PLEASE remember our Haiti mission this Christmas Season. Can your family adopt part of our mission? Go to our website friarsuppliers.com to read about the different cost of different projects. As Americans we are so lucky to have a house to sleep in, a bed to sleep on, multiple bathrooms in your house, clean water to drink, a school for your kids. Eating every day. In Haiti, most of this is not possible. Lucky ones have houses (most built by YOU!) Latrines furnished by you! Few go to school there is no free education, water filters- were provided by you- but we need LOTS more! If a Haitian kid eats every other day he is lucky- when have you ONLY eaten every other day?


So please try and get your donations in early if you can. Our treasurer Eileen is waiting to open your envelopes! Remember donations have to be made out to FRIAR SUPPLIERS and mailed by DECEMBER 31 so you get tax credit for this year.


How about during the Christmas season you try and show our DVD to at least one family that you know. Maybe they will be inspired like you to help our Haiti mission. May Christ bless you during this Christmas Season!


Keep Christ In Christmas!

Charlie Moran